Women's March Analysis

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According to Lauren Enriquez, Democrats have adopted an idea that President Trump stands for division and discrimination, while his opponents stand for love and inclusion. She says that this sentiment was seen in the women’s march in January, which claimed to speak for women in general, but, she feels, excluded women who identify as pro-life. She also believes that the movement has lost sight of what it stands for, choosing to focus on what they are against instead. She states that most women are pro-life, and that they cannot believe in a version of feminism that excludes the ability of women to nurture life. She believes that her movement, the pro-life movement, empowers women in tangible ways, whereas the pro-choice movement demands…show more content…
Many women present at the marches were, in fact, pro-choice, but the movement was about women’s rights, including both a woman’s right to choose, and a woman’s right to free speech. Those who are pro-life were not excluded from the women’s march. Joanne Cleaver, a pro-life Republican, agrees that the women’s march actually brought women together, regardless of political views, “It's a rare moment of convergence for those who say abortion should be available and rare, and those who believe we must do better for women and babies. The Women's March showed the real choices facing both sides — and the way forward.”…show more content…
It has been performed in nearly every society for thousands of years, and it was legal in the United States from the time the earliest settlers arrived. When the Constitution was adopted, in certain situations, abortions were openly advertised and commonly performed. (History) Anti-abortion legislation began as a way to combat the growing women’s rights movement for suffrage and birth control around 1880. It was an attempt at controlling women and confining them to the traditional childbearing role, as well as a way for the medical profession to remain male-dominant, as midwives who performed abortions were a threat to the male medical establishment. (History) Abortion has always been a choice that women had, and until the late 1800s, was advertised and commonly performed in the United States, when the anti-abortion movement began simply as a means to slow the women’s rights
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