Women's Movement Impact

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The Women 's Movement, including the Women’s Rights Movement and The Women’s Suffrage Movement, had a significant impact on U.S history. In order to understand if the movement met the set goals, we must look at what the value of women is today. Politically, new laws and amendments were passed to support women and their rights. Socially, women became more respected and accepted. Economically, women were given more roles in society. Educationally, women were given more education and career opportunities therefore, the Women 's Movement did, indeed, represent significant political, social, economical and educational impacts on the value of women in the U.S. The Women’s Movement refers to a set of political campaigns that were carried out…show more content…
When women were given the right to vote, it was a turning point for women’s equality. Many thought the fight would be over, but Alice Paul said differently, “It is incredible to me that any women should consider the fight for full equality won. It has just begun”. Gaining the right to vote was on the starting point for women and their rights. There was still much more that they would be able to do and achieve. With new rights and laws being created to support women, it showed that women were worth something. Many people felt as if women were more valuable and worth more than they were before. Without the creation of these rights and laws, women would not have gotten nearly as far, and wouldn’t have achieved as much as they have with each of the movements. Without the political side of things, women wouldn’t have seen as much change as we see today. Past women have helped us out quite a lot, and have opened many new doors for our newer generations. Socially, women were also affected greatly in many different ways. During The Women’s Rights Movement and The Women’s Suffrage Movement, women were beginning to be held at higher standards than ever before. Men especially began to feel different towards women and their opinions on what they thought women were ultimately capable of doing and achieving changed. The capability of women is higher than what most people think and women are highly underestimated in our society. People have learned to not
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