Women's Practice, Organization And, Communication, And The Nanyan Technological University Of Singapore

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Introduction The authors of this study were professors and associate professors at the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information and the Nanyan Technological University in Singapore. All authors held a PhD or were currently enrolled in a doctorate program. The title of the study is consistent with the content of the article. The study’s abstract provides an overview of the study’s main focus and findings. It also briefly informs the reader with method was used. I feel that the authors statement about nursing workload inhibiting nurses from keeping up with current literature is valid but somewhat not as well supported as some of the other findings within the study. I feel that perhaps lack of skills is more of a contributor than…show more content…
Most were older than ten years old and the authors did not use any references dated within the last five years. The authors did not effectively critique the research used in the literature review. The review of the literature has an almost biased tone as it mostly discusses that nurses would like to implement EBP into their practice but they have many barriers to overcome. Although specific citations were made concerning relevant information, the authors often used terms like “some” and “many” in reference to findings. In these instances a substantial citation could have been more effective in depicting the scope of the problem. Within the literature review, the authors did not discuss the strengths or weakness of the research they used nor did they offer recommendations for future areas of study. Framework/Theoretical Perspective The authors did not explicitly state the theoretical framework used for this study. Thus authors did not specifically tie the study’s variables to the framework nor was it possible to imply. Learning theory would be a good fit for a study such as this because it is exploring a subject’s attitude toward applying knowledge into practice and assessing a subject’s ability to access resources in order to obtain knowledge. The nursing discipline requires that nurses take an active role in continuing education in order to advance nursing practice. This allows for the implementation of evidence-based
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