Women’s Reproductive Rights Are In Danger Essay

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The battle for women’s reproductive rights is similar to the struggle for African Americans to have “the full liberty of speech in public and private” as Dredd Scott found out in 1865 when he petitioned for his personal freedom from slavery and lost. Moreover women’s reproductive rights are akin to defending the rights of racial equality, civil rights, desegregation, same sex marriage, and universal human rights. Every individual should have the right to choose how to live his or her private life in today’s society without governmental interference or control.

Abortion had been illegal since 1880 in the United States, unless it was “crucial in saving the woman’s life.” According to the Boston Women's Health Book Collective, by the
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On one hand, the cost to have an abortion was extremely high during that tumultuous time and most women could not afford it. So, Planned Parenthood was formed in part to help alleviate the costs associated with abortions for low-income, women of color who needed the medical help. (feminist.com) This allowed these women in crisis to afford to have these procedures done in a safe manner with the supplement of Medicaid. But, many pro-lifers object to the use of taxpayer money to provide abortions to these individuals, even though white women during the 1970s and today had more abortions than anyone else. (U.S. Statistical Abstract 2009)

During the 1995 United Nations World Conference on Women activist and Woman’s Movement leader, Bella Abzug, wrote in her ‘Contract with Women of the USA’ calling for among other things “economic, social and political equality for women. Other principals included affordable health care and reproductive rights; ending discrimination against women and inclusion of women in the global peace-making process; protecting a health environment; more importantly, a long-term plan to achieve equality. (Contract with Women of the USA ) These founding principles are the basis of the feminist movement’s push to maintain Roe v. Wade and keep if from being reversed.

Unfortunately, the landmark Roe decision is perilously close to being overturned by opponents and conservative Christian groups who want the states to limit women’s

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