Women's Reproductive Rights

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Before I begin I have a question: You are holding a petri dish containing a fertilized egg in one hand and a baby in the other hand; you trip and can only save one which do you pick? Where do we live? The United States. The United States is thought to be the country of the free. As citizens of the United States we have many freedoms: freedom of press, freedom of speech, freedom of religion and currently freedom of choice. We have fought for the freedom in our country, yet are women free? Are women free if they can not decide how they care for their bodies or own reproductive systems?

Women should have the right to choose. Women deserve the right to choose. They deserve respect when they choose. People are allowed to legally get piercings
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Abortion was legal meaning it was provided to anyone, anywhere in the United States. People did not agree with the passing of this law and retaliated against it with protests, arson and bombings of places providing abortions. Even if women have the right to choose they are scared to because of the backlash they may receive. Anti-abortion extremists have tried to use violence against women’s reproductive health providers and patients themselves to stop abortion. November 27, 2015, Robert Lewis Dear entered a Planned Parenthood and killed 3 people; a police officer and two civilians. He later expressed anti-abortion views and was believed to have been motivated by an opposition to safe and legal abortion. There have been 176,000 cases of protesting outside of abortion clinics since 1977. There has also been 200 bombing and arson attacks since the legalization of abortion. Women who wish to get an abortion would be fearful of an attack because the numbers keep…show more content…
Yes it will change both of the parents lives but it will not change the bystander’s life. If people have the choice of an abortion that does not mean they need to take. It does not affect Pro- Life supporters to know there is a choice of abortion. They do not need to associate themselves with it. Pro- Choice supporters do not get angry when people don’t get abortions because that would be ridiculous. Just like non-abortionists should not get angry when people exercise their freedom of choice. Parents that go through with abortions are not taking the “easy” way out. They have to deal with the guilt for the rest of their lives. Even if they are pro-choice they still ended would could have been a life and will have to carry this around with them. It is not an easy decision, it is not something people don’t spend massive amounts of times thinking about.

Getting an abortion is simply exercising your personal freedom of
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