Womens Reproductive Rights

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Timothy Davey
Mr. Stark
29 Nov. 2012
Women’s War for Reproductive Rights
The most challenging social issue in America today is not just abortion, but a woman’s right to contraceptives and reproductive health. Generally abortion is an issue that has always been questioned but is an ambiguous subject, even though abortions have been allowed by the Supreme Court for almost five decades. The debate is where to draw the line for contraceptive availability, abortion laws, and healthcare. The argument ranges from; free contraceptives, full healthcare, and whenever the mother decides; to no contraceptives, paid-for healthcare, and none at all. Neither of these arguments can be supported and bring into question human morality,
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AUL, or Americans United for Life, is a female Pro-Life Activist group that is a major political force that is trying to obviate Planned Parenthood as well as making states the sole arbiter of whether a woman can get an abortion or not. Kate Sheppard, a journalist from Mother Jones states “Indeed, AUL'S greatest success may be its push to take down America's largest abortion provider. In July 2011, AUL released ‘The Case for Investigating Planned Parenthood,’ a 174-page report detailing dozens of alleged abuses, ranging from poor patient care to the misuse of federal funds” (Sheppard 2). This goes completely against “Due Process Clause,” and it’s preposterousness to ban abortions. We don’t even have enough jobs for the people we already have. So if abortion isn’t available; the lower class grows, and the people most likely to get an abortion are already in the lower class system meaning that their most likely unemployed and the baby would be born into poverty, lessening not only the parent’s quality of life but also that baby.
The biggest political player today would be our president who supports women’s reproductive rights, unlike his former Republican challenger Romney, the next biggest player in politics whom is opposed to women’s reproductive rights and made sure to voice his stance during the Republican
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