Women's Reproductive Rights Research Paper

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Under the Trump administration, women’s reproductive rights in developing countries have been dealt a devastating blow. It is our moral and ethical duty to fight regain these rights back for some of the most disadvantaged and powerless women in the world. Women should be able to have a choice about what happens to their own bodies, and be the masters of their own destiny. This policy is an assault on women’s health and we need to stand up and fight for the repeal of this unfair and unjust law.
In one of his first actions as President, Donald Trump reinstituted the Mexico City Policy, which ceases US aid to international health organisations that offer or promote abortion as a method of family planning. This policy has been a political tug of
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As one expert has said, “Fewer women will now get contraception and be able to have children by choice, not chance.” While this legislation does not currently prevent women in America from accessing abortions or contraception, Trump’s attitude towards women’s reproductive rights should be a frightening wake up call to us all, as it is foreshadows what could easily happen within the United States. Trump has clearly stated that he supports an abortion ban at home and identifies himself as “pro-life”. Do not be complacent, Trump’s anti women sentiments can easily be turned into policy here in the US, making it more difficult for women to access essential reproductive care.
Join me in standing up and speaking out for women’s right to have control over their reproductive health, regardless of where they live in the world. We will not be silenced or gagged from having a voice in our own future and that of other woman. Women’s bodies are not, and should not be, something that can be governed. This misguided and outdated law does not decrease the number of abortions that are occurring, but instead places women’s emotional and physical health and wellbeing at risk. This legislation clearly threatens the health and lives of women all around the world; we need to unite to support our sisters in the fight to regain our right to control our own
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