Women's Reproductive Rights and Freedoms

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Women’s reproductive rights are legal rights and freedoms pertaining to reproduction and reproductive health. One can expect reproductive rights to include the following topics: the right to birth control, the right to legal abortion, the right to education and access so that properly informed choices can be made and the right to access good-quality reproductive healthcare. The women’s reproductive rights and freedoms movement move far beyond the topic of the abortion movement alone, there are also debates that include forced sterilization abuse and population control when looking at the subject of reproductive rights. Throughout history, women have had their right to abortion taken away and have even been sterilized without their permission because they were mentally handicapped or just because they were not the “dominant” race because eugenicists wanted greater procreation by the middle-class women of European descent. Women have had to endure an abundant amount of abuse to their reproductive rights and freedoms, from having their right to abortion taken away to being wrongfully sterilized; women have had to fight for their rights that should have never been abused in the first place. This term paper will outline the history of the reproductive rights movement, the abortion movement, as well as discuss how women have been wrongfully forced into sterilization.
In the past, women have had to use an astonishingly large variety of fertility control methods, which allowed
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