Women's Right to Education in Islam

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Rights of women to education in Islam Introduction As shown in the incidence of Malala, Islam is seen to unfortunately deny women the opportunity to education. Most women were sold while others were being executed, this is clearly evidenced from what took place in Pakistan when a girl aged 14 years was about to be assassinated by the Taliban after being shot in the head while coming back from school. In the Islamic community, women have the right of seeking education and it was a mandatory thing. According to Jane Austen, she argued out that girls should be given proper education to introduce them into the world. The novelist continues by saying that if a girl is born to someone who is ready to properly bring her up as well as giving her a good education and training her in arts life then that person should be privileged for the good work done. The Quran on the other hand does not only give women the right to education but it encourages both men and women to read and learn. Both are therefore called upon to acquire the extensive Knowledge that will later help them in understanding and following the teachings of Islam to allow then in abiding by the five significant pillars of the Islam. Women are therefore encouraged to read and keeping up the process of learning. Gender inequality and disparity of education opportunities between the Islam men and women has become an issue to the Muslim countries. Education is a significant factor that determines the social,
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