Women's Right to an Abortion Essay

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“Excessive restrictions stigmatize women seeking abortions and discriminate against those who lack the knowledge and understanding of legal grounds for abortion and vulnerable groups, such as poor and rural women and girls” (Finer). Abortion is commonly known as a murderous crime in which a mother chooses to terminate her child, but I do not view abortion that way. Abortion is when a mother determines that she is not capable to raise a child at the moment. I believe that tougher abortion laws should not be passed because it should be a women’s basic right to her own body, also, many women do not have the financial resources it takes to raise a child, and either way women will still seek illegal ways to get an abortion with risky outcomes…show more content…
Many women also have trouble for paying for an abortion because it is not covered by insurance. “A strong majority of Americans still support the parameters for abortion established under Roe v. Wade.” (Rossi). Abortions are also a very expensive and energy consuming procedures so it’s not like women are voluntarily getting abortions every other week for the mere fact to avoid their pregnancy. If abortion laws become harder women will still seek dangerous methods to obtain an abortion. Abortion is a very delicate procedure which should be performed by a skilled professional. If abortion becomes harder to obtain there will be a dangerous market of false abortion methods that can be highly harmful the mother carrying the fetus. As said by Obama "Motherhood must never be punishment for having sexual intercourse." (Pickert). It is not for either the mother or child to be in an unwanted environment for something she should clearly have a choice over. Overall, I don't believe abortion should be a method that should be restricted and women should not be frowned upon society for her choice over her body, abortion is a choice that a woman would not want to re-live. Harder abortion laws will push women to the edge to make the harsh decision of getting an illegal abortion which may lead to her death. If women can't have the right to have a say over their
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