Women's Rights Debate Analysis

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Women have constantly fought for equality, since the beginning of time and have affected the world with their fight for equal rights. During a 1920 Debate Between Margaret Sanger and Winter Russell, discussed the issue of birth control. Winter Russell a New York lawyer, took the position as a man that women should not have access to birth control. Margaret Sanger on the other hand as a women believed that women had a right to having access and knowledge to birth control. Margaret Sanger fought to protect the health of women, protect the rights of the unborn and fought for women's rights throughout the debate. Women should have full control of their own health choices. In the debate Margaret Sanger mentions that when women let nature take…show more content…
Around the time of the debate World War I had occurred and necessities for bodies was crucial which would lead to weakness in the soldiers. More children meant there were more bodies to fight and build during the War. In the debate Margaret Sanger argues how America constantly states that child labor will be diminished and won’t succeed unless they establish birth control clinics in order to obtain pregnancies. Kristie Yasunari continues by stating how Margaret Sanger is very involved with birth control awareness, “Margaret saw first hand that all babies were not born equal. Some were born wanted, while others were not. Some were born handicapped, others perfectly normal. Some had parents who were handicapped. Some mothers were worn from age, others from numerous pregnancies.” Before and during the debate most children were not wanted nor accepted and were brought into a horrible life because they were neglected. Other children were born with disability which come with more responsibilities for the parents or the other way around the parent is sick and the chance of them surviving a pregnancy would be very low. In the debate Winter Russell states that sex control is key to wisdom, power intellectual and mental development, one must pay the price of their own action. If men wanted pleasure they would have to deal with the results of having an undesired child. Margaret Sanger knew with birth control undesirable life or unhealthy life could be prevented instead of
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