Women's Rights : Equality And Lack Of Rights And Equality In America

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In the summer of 1776 the United States of America became a free land which brought joy and hope to what could be. However, as the land grew, so did the discrimination, prejudice views, and lack of freedom. All citizens were originally meant to be treated equal, but the hatred amongst others grew to an unthinkable proportion. Blacks and whites became segregated by law; men were given the idea that they were more powerful, or superior, just because of their gender. With society and technology advancing rapidly, one might think all Americans would truly be treated as equals. Disappointingly, that thought did not come alive in the days of the women's stories told in Hidden Figures and even though it is progressing, the rights and freedom granted in the constitution are not entirely given to every American citizen as they should be. Not every individual is treated with justice and fairness; therefore, enabling the success of various minority groups, separated by gender or race, in STEM research and education.
America's past time was based on one word: freedom. Individuals migrated from nearly every foreign land just to experience this new free country; however, this "free" county was not exactly as good as it had once sounded. America was finally free from the British, but the African Americans, or blacks, were not free from the Caucasians, or whites. The population of black civilians were given poorly paying jobs, not treated fairly, and some were once the slaves to the
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