Women's Rights In The Breadwinner By Deborah Ellis

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The book The Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis it is set in Afghanistan in the 1990’s when the Taliban invaded so women had virtually no rights such as they couldn’t leave the house without a male chaperone so as a result couldn’t work. The lesson Deborah is trying to teach is to treat everyone as an equal no matter what religion, race, or gender. Parvana and Shauzia have both lost their dads, Parvana’s to jail also Shazia's to sickness. Their parents not being able to work their girls cut off their hair to become boys. In the book Parvana and Shauzia have different points of view on how they should make money for their families. On page 98 Parvana states, “I’d like to sell things off a tray.” This quote explains that to make extra money Parvana…show more content…
The moment, Deborah found out about the Taliban in 1990 she knew what she had to do as stated in her biography. On page 12 it explains that women without a male chaperone would be beaten. This means they couldn’t work, shop, or go anywhere without their husband or any other relation. According to the article Women’s Rights In Afghanistan it voices, “There were many other ways their rights were denied to them. Women were essentially invisible in public life, imprisoned in their home.” The author uses this to advance her plot because if women were allowed in the public or to work Parvana would never have become a boy so she could just rely on her mom fully. It later states, “The Taliban are now notorious for their human rights abuses. The group emerged in 1994 after years of conflict.” They would beat and kill women and men that disobeyed their strict rules which made the threat very real for Parvana which also made her more cautious of almost everything. In The Taliban article it states, “She insisted on a seat at a recent gathering, where women usually have no place.” Women were not able to get into gatherings so also couldn’t publish anything which made it almost impossible for Parvana’s mom to make money so as a result Parvana had to become a
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