Women's Rights In Worlds Together Worlds Apart

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Today someone could make the argument that the “Woman question”, as chapter 18 in our text book Worlds Together Worlds Apart would put it, is no longer prevalent. Of course many argue that things like rights and equal pay aren't exactly up to speed with our progressive thoughts for our era, I have grown up with a unique perspective on the topic. Growing up in my household we were never shown or taught any discrepancies between the rights of man and the rights of women. My mother raised me and my two other brothers with no husband. At the same time she was a practicing physical therapist, and eventually took additional courses that qualify her to be a general contractor. She now operates and owns her own contracting company. Among many other…show more content…
Between the periods of 1860 and 1920 monumental and fundamental changes in cultures worldwide began to take place in concern to women, their rights, and what would be expected from them. A major step in most cultures towards correcting the injustice that has been applied to women for years is giving them the right to vote. During this time period we see many of the leading global communities granting the right to vote in national governments to women. For example Britain granted women the right to vote in local elections as early as 1868. New Zealand Took it a step further by granting women the right to vote in the national general election in 1893. Many other countries followed after that including Australia in 1902, Finland in 1906, Norway in 1913, and America in 1920. The expansion of rights results from various female advocates throughout history who pushed the borders and dared to take a stand for a better quality of life. In 1904, Chinese women we're desperately struggling to gain rights and improve their quality of life through vocalization and spreading awareness. Specifically from this year was a Chinese feminist named Qiu Jin, who wrote a nationalistic essay directly to her own countries Women calling for a change in ideals and breaking of…show more content…
Various advocates and countries take steps to increase women's equality in culture during 1909. During this year in Egypt the influence of industrialization bring forth some of the same ideals amongst women from china in 1904. Ideas to improve their role in the workplace and to improve their role amongst society in Egypt. From the primary source found on page 684 of our textbook, we found excerpts from Women in Egypt amongst the upper-class having intellectual conversation about the effects of traditional religious practices on women's freedom and their potential role in society. As the Chinese held traditional values of women through their religion and social customs so too were subjected to such relations where the females of Egypt. Amongst their society men and those of the religion practiced believe women's role pertains to duties of the children and household while men's contribution was to be that of financial gains and provisions to the family's way of life. An outdated structural anomaly common amongst many men and women we see throughout various cultures. The women of this time period began to question these ideals held by their country just as various other civilizations have. What makes this source important is that it is one of many we found in this culture and in other cultures
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