Women's Rights Movements

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Introduction A woman is sluggishly walking down the street with a large backpack. In the backpack she carries her children, her husband, her bills, her student loans, her job, the burdens of the world; she is literally carrying the weight of the world. All of a sudden a man in a business suit comes up to her and starts to yell at her telling her she is ugly, will never be good enough, she is stupid, she will never get anywhere in her life. Although the woman hears him she steadily continues walking because she has to be a mother to her children, she has to a be shoulder for her husband to lean on and cannot stop because she is forced to live up to an image of multi-tasking and not showing signs of giving up. Women have been looked down upon, stereotyped, and even not treated as equals but they still continue to hold up the world and put on a winning and convincing smile for the camera. Some women have giving into the oppressions of the world leaving the women that does have hope struggling to carry the world. Women are continuously dehumanized because they are not treated as equals in the work place, the media, and school however the women’s rights movement has given women the right of freedom of speech and right to vote
I. Need for the movement Although, when the Women’s Rights movement started women were happy but it has then and even now moved quite slowly making women lose their hope. Women have transitioned into the state of mind of being the “housewife” or the
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