Women's Rights in the French Revolution

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Many women were involved in the uncertainty of women's rights during the French Revolution between the years of 1789 and 1804. Exploration of the unfolding struggles of France managed to turn my head in the direction of woman's rights more than once in my discovery. Perhaps because of the persistence of the women during this time period and their straight forwardness in their mission, was I so determined to see a positive progression in the fulfillment of their needs. "Even during a revolutionary time like this, equal rights for women seemed out of reach. Women had to struggle for a position in the revolution" (Ajaibu 2001, 1).
One of the main women involved in the French Revolution was Olympe de Gouges. Olympe de Gouges is how one
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Women saw this as a very big step in their progression of power.
Around the 1730's when established religion started to loose its glow, more people started to turn to science, which they saw as the "newer, truer, wisdom." (Doyle 1989, 65). While looking ahead, they found freemasonry as a royal art, which caused them to start building masonry lodges where freemasonry could be practiced. Between 800 and 900 Masonic lodges were founded in France between 1732 and 1793, two-thirds of them after 1760. "Between 1773 and 1779 well over 20,000 members were recruited. Few towns of any consequence were without one of mote lodges by the 1780's, and despite several papal condemnation of deistic cult that had originated in Protestant England, the Elite of society flocked to join." (Doyle 1989, 65). As masonry was replenished with hierarchy, the women of the world were once again left out in the cold. "Men tended to join the lodges where they would find their social peers, and were innumerable grades of perfection through which adepts could pass" (Doyle 1989, 65). Even though the lodges were known as to be equal or fair, they exclude women from 4 their circle, and they undeniably restricted women of the right to socialize. The men were constantly surrounded by there friends and colleagues in the lodges as the women sat at home to tend
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