Essay about Women’s Rights in the Middle East

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Women’s rights in Iran or the Middle East has always been an arguable issue. Although there rights have been changed throughout the centuries they were never really compared equal to men or noone really accepted them. Specially for women in Iran, they barely had any rights in culture, marriage or other aspects of their lives. In the following essay you will read about the everday lives of Middle Eastern women. During the Iranian Revolution in 1979 transformed Iran’s political,social,and economic structure. Secular Laws were replaced with Islamic laws creating an outburst. Women were often abused,raped,treated as slaves,and accused of false imprisonment. These tortures things that most women had to face are against the Islamic religion. …show more content…
Even though not all women wear the head scarf and cover their hair, they still have to cover there body. They can’t wear shorts, skirts, tank tops, or anything that exposes there body. All muslim women including Iranian women can’t have boyfriends or any sort of contact with other men. Sexual activity before marriage is considered a really bad sin and is looked bad upon in society. Even though we might think that women in Iran had a hard life it’s nothing compared to what women faced in Saudia Arabia. In Saudia Arabia religion had a stronger affect on the society as a whole. If you compare Iran to todays modern Iran some women are actually happy with they way there lives are. Due to the women’s rights movement around the world and Iran women gained some rights including the right to vote in 1963. Things started to get a little better. In some Arab nations women couldn’t drive,get an education or attend college but in Iran some women drive taxi’s and can even ride one. Also 65 percent of the all universities consisted of female students. Even though some women had these rights it was only because they chose to have those rights but their are still some helpless women in Iran that can’t speak up for there freedom. Maybe the reason for them not speaking up would be because of their strict husbands or fathers. They live in fear there whole life being careful with everything they do so they wont get beaten or abused. When going to the store

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