Women's Rights since 1865

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When the Declaration of Independence was penned in 1776 it stated that all men were created equal, but made no mention of women, or their rights as citizens. Throughout American history women have been proactive trying to secure equal rights as men. It has taken many years for women to come as close as they have, but even still are not quite equal. 1865-1920 For many, when they hear of women’s rights their minds go straight to a picture of the suffrage riots and protests of the early 1900s. However, many women had lobbied for the right to vote many years previous. At this time and before there had been a large number of conventions for the support of women’s rights headed by Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. In May 1869, both Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony, and others formed The National Woman Suffrage Association. Men were actually able to join the Association, but women solely controlled the leadership. The formation of this association and others even created news publications such as, Women’s Journal and Women Voter. In 1893, Colorado became the first state to allow women to vote. The Colorado’s Women’s Suffrage Referendum passed with a 5% win. This event was remarkable because for the first time in American history women could vote in elections. The following year three Colorado women were elected into office. One major aid to women’s rights in this era was the rise in humanitarianism for women by other women. In the early 1900’s it became a
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