Women's Role And Image Of Women

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Within industrialized nations, the role and image of women has undergone profound changes over the past few decades. Female participation in the workforce has increased steadily and societal attitudes towards women engaging in paid work have undergone significant change (Schwartz, 1988). These historical shifts have made the equality of women and men in society and the workforce an attainable goal. The participation of women in paid labour has challenged traditional gender roles and the societal ideal of the nuclear family with a sole male breadwinner. However, the primary responsibility of childcare continues to fall upon women.
There are biological and social realities that must be taken into consideration when creating workplace policies and legislation. Women of childbearing age participating in the workforce must balance career and family responsibilities. It is crucial to develop policies that both protect women and acknowledge the role of men in family life. Historically and today, numerous women have been forced to choose between their families and their career. The implementation of equitable workplace policies can provide families with the necessary support to eliminate the need to make this decision. The need for comprehensive maternity and parental leave policies has been necessitated by these factors. Key universal human rights treaties have included maternity protection as a fundamental labour right. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that…
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