Women's Role Of Women In Modern Society

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Woman is a charming, gentle creation. They worship and hate women simultaneously. She is being studied, but nevertheless she always remains a mystery. Woman are blessed by nature with a special force. This force is invisible, subtle and gentle, but at the same time large and irresistible. A woman is the embodiment of all the beauty that we now have. Almost all cultural heritage of mankind was created through women and women's participation, because it inspires man for beautiful, noble and courageous acts, helping him to open up and develop himself. Unfortunately, at the moment, the role of a woman in modern society is somewhat distorted. The preconditions for this were created by many generations of previous centuries when a woman was considered a lower-level person, without the right to vote and without the right for self-fulfillment. Their main role was limited to the birth of children and households. Such a tool for the emergence of heirs of the family. If a woman tried to show herself in some other area, she was immediately silenced: burned alive, as, for example, in the Middle Ages, morally or even physically humiliated. Thus, men tried to defend themselves against the obscure nature of women and to emphasize their status as "strong sex." During XVIII century Mary Wollstonecraft challenged crowd with the revolutionary thoughts of equalizing women’s role in both educational and society’s status. It is well known today that a great mother is the one who dedicates a
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