Women´s Role in Litetraute

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Now in our society, women are always involved in many important events or issues. As we can see on the news that there are many women joining global decision making conference, for example, Global Health Conference, The United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, etc. Women can make decision and the representative for the country. Just like Michelle Obama, The First Lady of United State, she can follow Obama to nearly all of the business trip or conference trip. She can talk to the First Lady in that country or the resident of that city. She can really help her husband and improve the image of the country. Not only United State, many president from other countries would like to bring their wife with him and help him out,…show more content…
The idea of women, such as those in the story can be maintained through Shahrazad retelling their dignity is amazing. Although Muslim women called back seat in their daily lives, we cannot ignore them exude wisdom and strength. At that time, women are acting like they are considered property. Thus, the concept of Shahrazad is liberation of oppressed women and continues to inspire the women for the next generations. The last important story of the lass is The Tale of Genji. For Genji’s love relationships, there are two basic assessments. First, set up a few centuries is still in current accepted repeatedly considered by the narrator himself, Genji is all but irresistible to the effect; but he never gave up and he established ties to any woman. These are compelling or admirable qualities, and Genji is often praised for men and women as an ideal. However, the reactions to such ideas have been set recently in North America, Japan, and elsewhere with no doubt. The first thing in the story about the relations of gender is that they are humane means. No trace of physical violence against women, there does not have any unreasonable insistence purity, chastity, so on. Men expected women to ignore a lot of things but maybe they also do their best to reciprocate. However, men of the story certainly dominate their world. The structure of the entire government is male, except certain office. The gentleman has professional or public life, as well as private, lady rarely

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