Essay on Womens Role in the Progressive Era

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Before the Progressive Era women found themselves in traditional roles raising the family and keeping the families moral compass pointing in the proper manner. Many of them never considered life outside of them home, as this was how they were raised. In the advent of the beginning years of the Progressive Era with many of the largest companies controlling the largest chunks of America’s financial interests these same women were looking outside. By this I mean, the very important job they had raising the family was getting increasingly more difficult as many families were forced into tenement situations. The unbidden squalor of the tenement with its poor sanitation, substandard water, as well as increasingly poor education were directly…show more content…
One of the other things women brought to the forefront was prices, the largest of corporations were controlling the lion’s share of the manufacturing, transportation and sales therefore the prices were higher to drive more money into the shareholders pockets. Another problem of the era was impure food as those corporations selling or manufacturing the food were more interested in lining their pockets rather than using high quality products. The attention brought upon this matter was to result in the creation of the Dept of Labor, Commerce and the food and Drug act. In many ways the emergence of women in the public opinion sector drove the reforms of the era faster than they would have grown without them. The fact that T.R. was nearly on the same page as the activists, meant that these reforms were driven from the top levels of society and government. The Progressive Era reshaped the world as they knew it right down to the class of society, for it created a new middle class, one that would grow in power until it what it is today. So in conclusion the role of women in the Progressive Era was in many ways a catalyst for reforms that we take for granted, recreating our society into a modern dynamic one. Works Cited Encyclopædia Britannica. (n.d.). Encyclopædia Britannica. National Women's History Museum. (n.d.). Retrieved from National Women's History Museum web site:

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