Women's Roles During the Civil War

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When thinking about women’s roles during the American Civil War most people think about what they did at the home front, such as writing to their men to return home or sending their men off to war. However, women did have other roles other than the home front. It does not seem very likely that women had more roles than thought originally during the Civil War, such as spies, nursing, refugees, and a few were soldiers. However, there are some historians who disagree about some of the roles women had during the Civil War. One of those historians name is Dr. Beeman and he does not agree about some of the roles women played during the Civil War, such as refugees, nursing, spies, and soldiers. Dr. Beeman must have not looked very hard for…show more content…
This is significant because this mother had to be strong to protect her children as much as she was able to do in her situation. (Brackman.) Many refugees were not able to find homes or food. In Richmond, Virginia a camp of refugees is recorded in “Southern Girl in ’61.” Most of the refugees (women and children) in the area were malnourished, with no warmth in clothing and blankets, and the shelter used did not protect them well enough to hide them from the elements. Thanks to the mothers, she still had her children, even though they suffered from the elements and malnutrition. This shows the mother had to be strong for her children, even though survival was tough. (Wright) In another source it shows that well off civilians’ would donate food to the refugees when they were able to spare any food. (A Diary from Dixie.) This shows that even when the nation was split apart, citizens still cared about other people’s well-being. Dr. Richard Beeman claims that refugees never existed because they were a traveling to see family or friends for extended periods of time. They happen not to have enough money to stop for a rest. (Beeman.) This is very unlikely because there were huge groups of multiple families in a refugee camp. As told in “The Women of the South in War Times” there were camps of refugees from many different places, who tried to find a new home in a new town or traveled to a nearby town because they had no home anymore. Many Union soldiers would

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