Women's Roles Prior to World War I

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Women's role before World War 1 Prior to the First World War, the jobs men and women held were based primarily on societal constructions of gender: men typically had free choice of their profession and the direction they went hinged largely on their social standing whereas women in the workforce were segregated to work in very specific fields. These fields were largely based on the roles women traditionally held in the home including: housework and textiles. In Great Britain , for example, the majority of the approximately 1.7 million women working most worked in the clothing, textile and house work industries. There were the few who challenged societal expectation, however women were generally required to remain within the spheres of domesticity. The roles women were allowed and expected to fill were greatly altered with the occurrence of the first and second world wars. It was out of necessity that women entered the workforce in droves both here in Canada and abroad, with men being dispatched in record numbers to the battlefields of Europe to bring victory home, women were expected to contribute to the war effort through filling the positions left behind. This meant that the female work force which had been primarily segregated to sewing clothing and scrubbing floors now had the responsibility of building bombs and making bullets. Changes in World War I In terms of the Allied forces (Great Britain [and its commonwealths], France, Russia and for a short time a time Italy)
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