Women's Roles Then and Now Essay

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ASSIGNMENT 2: PROJECT PAPER WOMEN’S ROLE THEN & NOW: SCRIPT HUMANITIES WORLD CULTURES KIM CARTER PROFESSOR, CHERI REISER AUGUST 26, 2012 Women’s Role Then & Now: Script Roles women should play in society on today ladies we will be listening to two Notable Women from the 19th century on the roles women should play in society so let’s pay close attention to these two women of yesterday and embraces what they have to say on the roles women should play in society. Sojourner Truth: Hello ladies my name is Sojourner Truth and I have been asked to share with you about myself and the roles women should play with in society. Well I was born as a slave as Isabella Baumfree, in Ulster County, New York, around 1787 I was one of…show more content…
I was born on May 12, 1820 in Florence Italy. I was the younger of two children. My affluent British family belonged to an elite social circle. From a very young age I was active in philanthropy, ministering to the ill and poor people in the village neighboring my family’s estate. By the time I was 16 years of age, it was clear that nursing was my calling and my divine purpose. Happy with my calling and purpose I approached my parents and told them about my ambition to become a nurse, they were not pleased. In fact my parents forbade me to pursue nursing. During the Victorian Era or society social stature was expected to marry a man of means and not to take up a job this was viewed a lowly menial labor by the upper social classes. When I was 17 year of age, I refused a marriage proposal from a suitable gentleman, Richard Monckton Milnes. I explained my reason for turning him down, he stimulate me intellectually and romantically, my” moral, active nature requires satisfaction and in this life I would not find”. I was determined to pursue my true calling despite my parent’s objection; in 1844 I enrolled as a nursing student at the Lutheran Hospital of Pastor Fliedner in Kaiserwreth, Germany. In early 1850s I returned to London where I took a nursing job in Middlesex hospital for ailing

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