Women's Roles in Television

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√Over the last 60 years may things have changed; technology, traditions, culture, and of

course the way a female is seen in eyes around the world. Television itself dates back to the 1920’s

(these television sets were extremely limited during these years). In 1950, only 9 percent of

American households had a television set, but by the 1960 the figure had reached 90 percent.

During this time, women were introduced in a completely diverted way then a male actor. Women

took stereotypical roles such as the housewife, mother, maid or even nanny. While other women

took on a role of a dumb blonde or a petite young women trying to please a man. Women were

meant to be submissive, obedient, and futile. In the past, TV portrayed women as sex
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She was an American actress known for being the ultimate sex icon.

Marilyn Monroe was society’s way of showing the importance on being attractive, and how a

woman should look. Marilyn wasn’t a petite women, but had beautiful curves and flawless skin.

She was known mostly for her body rather than her personality, unlike women in modern

television. Women today are known for their independence and their equality. Ladies from

Marilyn and Lucy’s time came a long way, in some shows and/or movies women are now playing

major roles and even hosting their own talk show. Today, women aren’t expected to be physically

fit or attractive but rather than good at what they do and love it.

The difference between all these ladies is that Lucy and June are more of the ideal mother

from the 1950’s. The white, middle class mothers who are thought to clean and cook in white

pearls and pastel pressed dresses. Although, Sandy and Rizzo are the ones to objectify the male

fantasy these ladies had a rebellion tone to their personalities, more outgoing and independent. All

these ladies showed dramatic changes over the short years. Now ladies all around the world are

hosting, producing, acting, and even directing.

Another difference between these ladies is that Lucy and June were mothers. In classic

television women did paly a domestic guardian of the household duties. In classic television, there

was another stereotype of how parenting and marriage are more
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