Women's Status : A Good Number Of Religion Scholars

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Women 's Personage in Religion A good number of religion scholars would agree that some aspects and interpretations of religion have always been controversial among the followers, as well as the experts. One of these controversial aspects is the role of women in religion. Although very differently, Karen Christina Lang and Elaine Pagels both have tackled the issue in their articles, Images of Women in Early Buddhism and Christian Gnosticism, and God the Father/God the Mother. The source of the articles is the Buddhist-Christian Studies. This is a source of the scholarly article devoted to Buddhism as well as Christianity regarding their historical and contemporary areas of convergent. The differences and similarities between the different views of Buddhist as well as Gnostic scripture are highlighted in these two sources. The first article, Images of Women is authored by Karen Christina Lang. The second article is from the Gnostic gospel, which the second articles, which is a collection of about 54 ancient texts based on the teachings of several spiritual leaders written between second and fourth century AD. Besides, the source provides different historical stories about the ancient collections and the views of the different spiritual leaders. Elaine Pagels is the author of this second article known as God the Father/God the Mother. This essay seeks to bring out the different perceptions about women involvement in religion, in light of the articles by Lang and
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