Women's Suffrage

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Women's Suffrage University of Phoenix - Online HIS/120 - US History 1865 - 1945 November 2007 Women's Suffrage Women’s Suffrage is a subject that could easily be considered a black mark on the history of the United States. The entire history of the right for women to vote takes many twists and turns but eventually turned out alright. This paper will take a look at some of these twists and turns along with some of the major figures involved in the suffrage movement. Women's Suffrage Background The first recorded instance in American history where a woman demanded the right to vote was in 1647. Margaret Brent, a property owner in Maryland wanted two votes in the newly formed colonial assembly to represent her vote and the vote of…show more content…
This was not an easily won victory however. Congress first took up the issue in 1915 but the bill lost in the voting and was shelved for almost three years. ("Women's Suffrage," 2007) On the eve of the vote President Wilson made a widely publicized appeal for the passage of the bill and this time the bill barely passed with the need two-thirds majority. However, the bill failed to gain the necessary votes to pass the Senate even with another of President Wilson’s appeals for the passage of the bill. The bill would be voted down twice over the following year before finally gaining enough votes to pass due to Congress’ interest in having the issue solved prior to the presidential elections slated for 1920 and on June 4, 1919 the Senate voted to pass the bill to add the amendment to the constitution securing women’s rights. The effects of the 19th amendment on the United States can be seen everywhere. More women now hold public office and the United States even has a woman running for the Democratic nomination for president. The women’s voting block is one politicians can not forget about and still have hopes of being successful. The ability of women to vote, even though sparsely used until the 1980s, changed how companies did business and what legislation was passed for respect of the potential voting power of women. More women friendly policies exist, both in the workplace and in general life, which can be attributed to the hard work
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