Wonder Woman Vs Superman

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Wonder Woman the Successor to Superman
Created in 1941 by Dr. William Moulton Marston who was hired as a consultant to Maxwell Charles Gains of DC Comics. Since DC Comics had decided to stamp comic books with “Superman and Batman” logo which as quoted “Their worst offense was their blood curdling masculinity” According to Marston “The best way to fend off critics would be to create a female superhero.” Marston once stated, “Frankly Wonder Woman is psychological propaganda for the new type of woman who, I believe should rule the world.” Wonder Woman then goes through a series of changes clear up to 2017 when Director Patty Jenkins proposed to take the new version and alter it to be a successor to Superman One 1978. This was however not the first
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In Superman one the first tone is him as a baby on his home planet Crystal World on Krypton. While the first tone for Wonder Woman is her as a child in Themysicira with other Amazonian women which is just as isolated as planet Krypton. The second tone is Smallville for Clark Kent who has been adopted by a human couple that raises him as a farm boy. He is told by his adoptive father “You are here for a reason, and its not to play football.” While Diana back at her home she agrees to return to “Man’s World” and states “It is our sacred duty to defend the world. If no one else will than I must!” Both are very powerful mission statements. Clark is then placed in Metropolis staged in New York City, while Diana leaves to London. Both have to adjust to new surroundings of their perspective eras, which is the third tone. This one has Clark becoming Superman protects the world from Lex Luthor and his plot to fire a nuclear missile into California’s San Andres Fault line. While Diana now full on Wonder Woman charges the war front of WWI only to discover the evil force is the Greek god of war Aries.
And to further the idea she is the successor to Superman the new movie Justice League set to release in November of this year does not show Superman but places Wonder Woman squarely in the foreground. Now in previous versions of The Justice League had a much larger group Superman included, However this new version seems to have excluded him. It is logical after researching for this paper to assume she is truly his successor in the Superhero world. Which is, in my opinion a good thing as I feel we should have more female superheroes to look up to so to
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