Wonderful Life Themes

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In the movie It’s a Wonderful Life there are many economic themes that play a role in the movie. Certain characters in this movie hold a relationship that is worth more than money and helps during the economic crisis. Two rivalry institutions are ran in different ways and citizens are indecisive on which one is better during the economic crisis. The townspeople are all out of money, but they saved resources so that they can get through this horrendous time. Many people went through a lot of stress trying to deal with this financial crisis, but it was not that easy. These four themes are prevalent throughout the film and they explain the financial crisis itself. Relationships play a distinct role that helps many customers during the…show more content…
Potter was going to be the only who gained from his plan and Bailey quickly told everyone not to go through with it. This was a big step for Bailey because he gained the town’s trust and has many people on his side. During this awful time everyone was in need of money, but everyone was broke. Luckily people was able to save up and keep enough resources that will hold them until this economic crisis was over. It was hard to obtain the money they needed, so the only way they could survive is if they had resources like food, clothes, and housing. Houses back then were not the best but people were able to cope with it because the living conditions were not the best. Saving resources will allow the citizens to use their money on more important things. Lastly, the townspeople went through a lot of stress during the financial crisis because of money and family. People were not able to support their families because they had no money so it only led to worse problems. The town panicked because they were not getting their money and they thought it was the end of the world. If people lived in apartments they were not able to pay rent due to a lack of money. Citizens had to think about many things and how to survive with the items they had left. All in all, It’s a Wonderful Life shows how people cope with the financial crisis and how it affects the townspeople. Four economics themes were expressed
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