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The Wonderful Life of Kay Buell Every individual's life has a past, present and future. My life has been developed and influenced by several factors that will be reflected in this paper. You will read about my life experiences and how it has developed into such a wonderful life. My life begin when I was a mere 2 years of age when my parents adopted my twin sister and myself. My parents were on the older side, so their beliefs were conservative and strict, even from the beginning. Since my sister and I had been out of many foster homes until my parents adopted us, it was important that we had structure. There was always plenty of love and stability that I received and that is so important in the development in the early years. My…show more content…
Part of that development was leaving the security and protective environment of my parents' home to attend college. Not only was the anticipation of attending the university amazing, but to be able to be my own person, was exciting. Knowing that I would be the sole decision maker to succeed and learn from that adventure would be an enormous growth period. Adulthood brings opportunities that are challenging and present change. One opportunity that was presented to me was relocating to California. My maturity level was one of a confident adult and wanting to capture this “unknown” adventure. Stepping “outside the box” mentally helped me prepare for the culture shock that was awaiting me. After moving to California with my sister, brought our relationship closer. The relationship of identical twins is unique and one that other people do not understand. It is difficult to establish a separate identity amongst family and peers. Being a twin brings a best friend and constant support. Also, it can result in switching identities for a short while and that can be just fun. The saying is that everyone has a twin in the world but in my case, it is true. We finally developed separate identities and our peers realized our independent personalities and way of thinking was not identical. Life experiences bring happiness, sorrow and passions that we indulge. My first passion is dogs. I have been

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