Wondering About My Sexuality

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I had been wondering about some things in life as I was heading through my teen years and sexuality was one of them. I was nineteen but I still wasn’t sure what boat I wanted to catch yet. I liked boys don’t get me wrong but sexual activity with them just wasn’t exciting and arousing. I was catching up with my bisexual friend Shelly she was beautiful, had the most attractive body and she told me she would help me to venture onto trying something a little different in the sexual department. I wasn’t really into the idea of becoming fleshly with a girl but that was a guessing opinion of mine as I hadn’t tried it out before. Shelly arrived and let herself in and helped herself to some red wine I had chilling in my ice bucket. As we sipped our wine Shelly explained the wine would help to calm my nerves for the first time. After a few wines we started giggling together then Shelly moved in for the growl. I could feel her coming close to me, feeling her hands on my face and I couldn’t help but to go with it. Her lips connected to mine and our tongues explored for a few moments until Shelly pulled away and smiled, “So honey got any finger food I’m a little peckish”. I went to the kitchen and opened some savory biscuits and placed them in a bowl when I felt Shelly’s arms around my waist clutching me tightly. Her lips came close to my ear. I felt her teeth gently gnaw into my ear as she started to slide her knee inside my thighs letting me feel her close. Shelly’s warmth had a
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