Wonders Of A Step Dad

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Wonders of A Step-Dad Change can always be a good thing in life. From when I was born and throughout Second Grade I was living in Chicago with my Mom. My family and friends either lived in Chicago or neighboring towns. I was a really enthusiastic person according to both my parents and I was never sorrowful and I always had a large grin on my face. One breezy night in 2009 , my Mom invited one of her (male friends) over to have dinner. He seemed really nice and something in my head told me that this random bald person was more than just a friend. The way my Mom looked and smiled at him and how he talked to my Mom and I , I knew something was up. After he left my mom told me to wait for her in the living. Once I heard a…show more content…
She gave me like 20 minutes to calm down and knocked on my door. I said “come in”. Once she came in she walked in really slow like a spy and met me right on my bed. She said “are you ok¨ , I gave a sigh and said crying out “ why didn’t you tell me this stupid guy is taking over my Dad”. She told me to shush and said “ This guy is not taking over your Dad your Dad will always love you”. I told her time tired and going to get ready for bed. She said “ok” and left. Next day I went over my Dad house to talk about what’s going on. “ I told him I was going to find a way for him to leave him and you can be my Dad”. He told me this guy (Scott), “ Is a really good guy and she should be happy that my Mom is happy and if she is happy you should be happy” also he said “no matter what I would love you and I would always be your Dad no matter what happens”. That conversation made me feel better hearing it come from my Dad that this guy is a good man and he is right, the only thing in this situation that I should care about is my Mom is happy. The next afternoon I saw my Mom we talked again because I wanted to. I cried out “I’m sorry for quoting that Scott is trying to take my dad place and he’s a bad guy”. She said “ NO i’m sorry for not telling you after he left”. After the conversation we all apologized to each other and went to Safari Land (my favorite place during savage days). After we came back from
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