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Wondrous things about Beethoven

Beethoven’s best-known compositions include 9 symphonies, 5 piano concertos, 1 violin concerto, 32 piano sonatas, 16 string quartets, his great Mass the Missa solemnis and an opera, Fidelio. Beethoven was a German composer. Beethoven is important because he sparked a new path within music. Why was Beethoven’s music so unique? This is because he was very studious about his music. He started at eight and continued learning from then forward. Without Beethoven, the music that is here today would not be here.
Beethoven’s life At an early age Beethoven had it rough. When he was just seventeen Ludwig’s father lost his job and his mother and baby sister died. He returned to Bonn and supported his family for 5 years, until his father 's death (ArtsAlive.ca). His family dying had a big impact on him because he moved away to Vienna for good. “Beethoven is reported to have dated his hearing loss from a fit he suffered in 1798 induced by a rage at the interruption of his work—having fallen over, he got up to find himself deaf” (wikipedia.com). After losing his hearing, his life became more difficult. It made him struggle with daily life and made it very difficult to write music. Beethoven died March 26, 1827. The funeral was attended by 20,000 people (Julian Medforth). “His funeral was attended by so many people because he was well respected by them, and they loved him and his music. Beethoven is one of the world 's most famous and influential composers…

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