Wood Carving Research Paper

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Wood carving can be a fun and rewarding craft for advanced and novice artists alike. There is nothing like the feeling of turning a hunk of material into something meaningful that you can display in your own home, give as a gift, or even sell for a profit. However, in addition to the skills needed for this craft, one must also have the right wood carving supplies.

The possibilities of turning a piece of wood into a sculpture or figurine are endless. Prior to selecting the right tools, it is good to have a plan for exactly what you want to make. Making skectches or even taking pictures of the image you would like to sculpt puts a visual image in your head that will keep you on track when the carving begins. Also, before selecting supplies,
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This is basically a carving tool with a curved cutting edge used in carving hollows, rounds, and sweeping curves in wood. Just like regular carving knives, gouges come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and angles. Study your plans closely when selecting the right variety of tools like gouges; it is important to look at relative proportions, that is, the size of a cut or groove compared to the size of other cuts and the size of the entire object.

Another tool, the chisel, has a straight cutting edge used for cutting lines and cleaning up flat surfaces. Chisels can also be used for wedging and are often paired with hammers for being driven into the wood. Once again, choosing the right kind is important. In addition to size, there are many varieties to choose from such as the butt, carving, corner, and framing chisels. Remeber: study your plans and do the reseach before choosing a specific tool.

As your project advances, you may realize that the tools you have are not sufficient for a particular task. You may eventually realize the need for more specialized tools such a V-tool, a veiner, or a router. Remember that there is a type of tool for every type of cut you can imagine; just do the research and you'll find that special tool you need. You may also find a mallet and special screw for holding your project to a table handy additions to your wood carving
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