Wood Crystals: A Short Story

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Jewel drummed her fingers on the white tablecloth. Where was Alexander? The clink of dishes gathered from empty tables pervaded the dining area. He should have been here an hour ago. The eggs over easy and wheat toast, intended for him, sat cold on the other side of the table. Over her Light and Sound crystal communicator, he had said they would arrive in Samusgate at ten. It was almost noon. Jewel took in a deep breath and pushed her anger into a small ball of energy. It appeared as a brown crystal emerging from her palm, a wood crystal. Hopefully, no one saw where it came from or they would know who she was. Normally it wouldn’t matter, but this trip required secrecy. “A wood crystal is worth far more than those two plates.” A waiter came…show more content…
With her mind, she reached out to the trees and felt many bodies brushing against their trunks. Only mardocs felt like that. She pulled her arm out of the confused man’s grasp and jumped to the bag by her chair, where she had tucked four pistols. Two were for killing, and two for absorbing power. She only had two hands, and with that many mardocs attacking she would need both for offense. Hopefully, Dark Council members would not accompany their army. She grabbed her pistols and ran to the door. The shaman mardoc was gone, most likely killed. The thought of its death didn’t bother her as much as it should have. Guilt churned her stomach, but she needed to stay focused. She already had her trees grab many of the mardocs. The captured mardocs clawed at the wood, claws ripping her flesh. She ignored the feeling sent from her trees. Other mardocs were still coming. “It’s all right,” a man yelled from the end of the cobbled street, leading into the forest. “I scared it off. Who wants to form a hunting party to kill the bast—” Mardoc claws in the back of his throat ended his words. Dozens of mardocs appeared on the road. Screams rang through the…show more content…
He held the power of Wind within him. He would have picked Jewel up into the air and put her on the rooftops, where she could see the bastards coming and use whatever wood nearby to kill them, while Glenn blew them away in a tornado. Unfortunately, her brother Glenn was gone, eaten by mardocs, disgusting, forsaken beasts. Jewel shot her pistols into the mob. Toe claws scraped cobblestone behind her back. The mardocs made no war cry in their attack. Only the humans cried. Would she share Glenn’s fate? His death had proven the Light Council were not immortal like the Dark Council. Would mardoc teeth soon chew the life out of her too? A flash of heat rushed over her skin as fire engulfed the mardocs running toward her. The sound of falling bodies came from behind. Two men stood on the road that led to Samusgate’s wind-train station. The ebony-skinned, older man Jewel knew, but had not seen in nine years. Tiberius wasn’t supposed to be here. However, as spikes of metal appeared out of thin air and killed the attacking mardocs coming behind her, she was glad to see Metal of the Light
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