Wood Mill Adult Learning Reflection

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Introduction Sometimes the most beautiful and life altering experiences are those that occur through chance, or through a choice made on your behalf by another. A great example of this is my placement at the Wood’s Mill Adult Learning Center for my required observational hours. This paper will give a brief overview of the facility and the demographics of the students I interacted with and observed. I will also cite current published research, and incorporate some of my own insights about relevant educational topics as it pertains to my experience at Wood’s Mill Adult Learning Center. The paper will end with a personal reflection on my experience and how it has shaped me as a future educator. Wood’s Mill Adult Learning Center – Lanier Technical College Wood’s Mill Adult Learning Center is located in a small annex pod behind the Gainesville High School 9th Grade Academy. This location offers classes to assist adult learners in earning a GED. They offer Reading and Math classes, as well as open computer lab time to use the GED software to study. Classes are offered in the day and evening. Once a student has committed to the program they must adhere to the attendance policy or they risk being removed from the class. I volunteered…show more content…
Research has shown that students who participate in cooperative learning strategies outperform those students who are subjected to a more lecture based class (Mohammadjani, F., & Tonkaboni, F. (2015). Notwithstanding, I think that in this particular case direct instruction is the better way to go. With students at such different levels it is easier and more efficient for the teacher to have the students do independent work, and then to give lectures on the same topic to the whole class at one time. One thing that Mrs. Woodward did that I thought was value-added was to plan a lecture topic on something that the majority of students missed on their practice
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