Woodhaven Furniture Industries, LLC: Case Study

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Effective January 1, 2016, Woodhaven will begin operating as Woodhaven Furniture Industries, LLC. As part of this conversions, all Woodhaven associates will be assigned new PSID designations in Ceridian. Below is the mapping for the conversion. 90E to 94E 91E to 95E 92E to 96E We do not plan to make any changes in our current banking arrangement with Ameris bank continuing to handle the old 91E/new 94E PSID, but for the first time, we do plan to offer direct deposit to associates in this PSID. The funding for the direct deposit will be done through the Ceridian bank account and not out of Ameris, so as we move forward with this offering, we can expect some movement in the funding requirements in the various accounts. Starting with
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