Woodrow Wilson And Theodore Roosevelt Essay

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As America approached the 20th century it had achieved great prestige in the world for having a prosperous economy built on free market system. The facets of an American identity mostly revolved around corporate power and stability. The corporations grew at a national scale effortlessly, and within years, international; the United States was following similar footsteps of the British East India Company as an emulation to the western hemisphere. Contracted railroads, lands, and farms were the crux of American imperialism in the Americas. The strengthening grip of the corporations on the government gave America a series of questions that it dealt with in the early 1900s. The two frontrunners to answer the puzzling questions were the 26th president, Theodore Roosevelt, and the 28th president Woodrow Wilson. They both wanted the betterment of America both domestically and at the world stage. However, the assertive nature of Theodore Roosevelt made him an exemplar of American ideals and democracy for the rest of the world.
Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt were vastly different by nature, one a macho, military-man, explorer, and the other, an academic by profession. Given their polarizing life experiences, they were bound to have conflicting worldviews. In context of 1900s, they were faced with challenges that demanded answers in order to achieve the same end-goal. With a growing global influence, the United States was tested to maximize its efforts to tackle the internal
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