Woodrow Wilson Dichotomy

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My mind is a hodgepodge of curiosities. In essence, it is dissonance. From the origins of language to precise angles at which to fold paper into works of engineering appraisal, my brain is an eternal battleground upon which inquiries duel for dominance. What my friends and teachers perceive as a crazy teenager bouncing off the walls is actually me trying to find muse for my next downtown sidewalk mural while inquiring about subjects beyond the textbooks in school, or maybe the recipe for a healthy zucchini bread. This pattern even lends to my streams of ideas for the Woodrow Wilson Fellowship, which range from the regeneration of neurons to the implications of cultural traditions and modern medicine.
Johns Hopkins promotes this crazy idea that students should be free to explore, and in the process innovate something amazing. The academic arena being my inner-child’s playground, I turn Hopkins to nurture the mania. With no core curriculum, I smell freedom, a whole lot of sweet freedom. I can learn with greater depth and thoroughness, and while science is my motive, humanities is my means; translating for my family’s medical functions and growing up with both western and oriental medicine have shown me their
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I turn to Johns Hopkins for its emphasis on interaction with Baltimore. I envision myself contemplating the multitude of projects available for President’s Day of Service each fall and the pull of urban issues. Recognizing the stalled action of legislation for urban residents, I am determined to bring the issue of ‘Urban Decay’ to light. Particularly, I will utilize the Community Impact Internships Program and the Center for Social Concern to extend and engage beyond campus. With the diverse city of Baltimore as Hopkins’s backyard, I will never run out of opportunities to learn from the books as well as the
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