Woodrow Wilson

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Woodrow Wilson’s fourteen points was a statement determined on January 8, 1918 by himself. He was the twenty eighth president of the United States. The fourteen points was made when they were declaring that World War one was occurring because of an ethical cause and after war peace in Europe. The fourteen point’s speech first discussed that there be a private but international understanding of any kind but peacekeeping shall continue in the public view. The purpose of this is to clearly get rid of and forbid treaties, sections of treaties and secret understandings. It isn’t meant to exclude private diplomatic differences involving an important matter. The intention is to make sure that private differences be obligatory unless in the final…show more content…
Since the act of invading was illegitimate then the consequences that follow that are illegitimate as well. The eight point is that all French territory should be freed and the invaded portions restored. Since the restoration of the French Territory it could be said that the invasion of northern France was illegal, as a result of the illegal claims against Belgium. The war between Grange and Germany was not a violation of international law so there was a dispute of Belgium following the case. The ninth point is the readjustment of the frontiers of Italy. This distinguished the frontier between Austria-Hungary and Italy to be adjusted. The tenth point is the people of Austria- Hungary should be accorded the freest opportunity to independent development. The people of Austria-Hungary or Eastern Europe should have self-determination. The eleventh point is Romania, Serbia and Montenegro should be evacuated and occupied territories restored. Serbia should have a free and secure access to the sea and international relations of political and economic independence and territorial integrity. The twelfth point is that the Turkish portion of the present Ottoman Empire should be promised secure sovereignty and that the other nationalities that are under the Turkish rule be assured undoubted security of life and development. The Straits and Constantinople should be under international rule. The rule

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