Woodrow Wilson 's The League Of Nations

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The League of Nations was established in 1919 after the deadly and devastating conflict of World War I. The nations of the world needed a way to rebuild and regain trust in one another after this worldwide atrocity. President Woodrow Wilson believed that an international peacekeeping organization, such as the League of Nations, could achieve this monumental goal. President Wilson was convinced that the League could prevent another wWorld wWar, preserve peace, and promote total disarmament among nations. Wilson went to the Treaty of Versailles negotiations with a Fourteen Point Plan for peace, but he sacrificed almost all of his plans so that the League of Nations could be established. This organization, however, would never live up to the President’s dreams for its success. Despite Woodrow Wilson’s support for the League of Nations, it failed as a peace keeping organization because the United States did not participate, its decision making process was ineffective, and it lacked an armed force to impose its decisions.
When Woodrow Wilson returned to the United States from the 1919 Paris Peace talks, he began campaigning within the United States for the ratification of the League. He had expected this to be a easy process. However, there were many opponents to the League of Nations, including a small group of Republican Senators and Congressman. These government officials were supported by isolationists who wanted to keep the United States out of world affairs. They…
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