Woodrow Wilson 's The League Of Nations

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After the terrible and horrific scenes of World war 1, Countries certainly didn’t want to get in that mess again. It brought about a lot of damages happening in their countries, a lot of human lives lost and also if they allow another world war like it will literally take a fortune to rebuild their countries back. It lead these countries into creating the treaty of versailles so it certainly doesn’t bring another war and just brings peace between. This is when we got to know about the League of nations. Woodrow Wilson, president United states, introduced the league of Nations which is basically a huge union uniting countries just to promote peace.

A. State your thesis statement (A one sentence statement that sums up the major idea of the paper and incorporates a position on that idea). The league of nations had set goals that were going to really help the world find the peace they’ve been looking for but unfortunately for them, those goals were too good to be real.

B. Insert element(s) to gain attention and interest in topic. The top goals that set out on the master plan was definitely one of kind that would definitely be able to bring peace to the world, if they had actually succeeded. There was always just that little thing that will come in the way after they have agreed on a decision, horrible collaboration between countries became an issue in the league of nations. Different problems kept on piling up till they couldn’t handle it…
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