Woodrow Wilson 's The League Of Nations

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After the terrible and horrific scenes of World war 1, Countries certainly didn’t want to get in that mess again. It brought about a lot of damages happening in their countries, a lot of human lives lost and also if they allow another world war like it will literally take a fortune to rebuild their countries back. It lead these countries into creating the treaty of versailles so it certainly doesn’t bring another war and just brings peace between. This is when we got to know about the League of nations. Woodrow Wilson, president United states, introduced the league of Nations which is basically a huge union uniting countries just to promote peace. A. State your thesis statement (A one sentence statement that sums up the…show more content…
C. Preview the body of the paper (name the main points that will be covered). The league of Nations’ measures and goals. Will emphasize more on the goals that contradicted with the measures they put in place to follow on. Different Reasons of why It failed. The countries never seemed to agree on anything. The way their goals contradicted their measures was a problem. failed to stop so many little attacks on the countries that joined What the United Nations did correct that had really been an improved version of League of Nations. II. Body III. First main point (make sure the main point is fully supported with stated credibility). As any cooperation, the league of Nations had goals measures that members had to follow, and also cherish, when dealing with the affairs of the league. They had set major goals for themselves like what they want to accomplish as a cooperation and also something like some major rules they follow in order to keep them in that path to achieving that goals.. A. Support your point (using statistics, testimony, or examples). The founders of the league were so desperate to avoid a repetition of another war so so they based on that and made aims like disarmament between countries, preventing war through collective security, setting disputes between countries,through negotiation and diplomacy and improving global welfare. (NZ) B. Support your point (using statistics, testimony, or examples). Now,
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