Woodrow Wilson 's World War I

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Everyone dreams of being a great leader, but little did Woodrow Wilson know that he would lead the United States through the Great War. Initially, he preserved the United States’ neutrality, but later asked Congress for a declaration of war, though he still wished for peace. Wilson was a strong leader throughout World War I, but he knew that there needed to be a long-lasting peace. While his European allies were looking for power to change hands, Wilson was only looking for peace. Woodrow Wilson proved that peace was possible if the steps presented in his Fourteen Points speech were followed.
As President of the United States, Wilson was the Commander-in-Chief of United States military forces during World War I. Though he attempted to keep the United States neutral, he asked Congress to declare war after two events. The first was in May of 1915. A German U-boat torpedoed the Lusitania, a British passenger ship that had Americans on board. 128 Americans died. Because of this, Germany began restricted submarine warfare. The second event was in the spring of 1917. The British had intercepted a telegram from the German foreign minister, Arthur Zimmerman, who offered southern parts of the United States to Mexico. Between these events, Wilson was reelected for keeping the United States out of the war, but these two events upset Wilson enough that he asked Congress for a declaration of war in 1917, two months after Germany resumed unrestricted submarine warfare, and one month…
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