Woodrow Wilsons Decision to Join the Side of the Allies in Ww1

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Did President Wilson have no choice but to enter World War 1 on the side of the allies? Seeing as Germany was planning on declaring war on America, Wilson had no choice but to join the side of the allies. President Wilson was a peaceful man but America was already being treated horribly by Germany before even entering war, and he couldn’t continue to watch innocent Americans being killed for something they weren’t even a part of. Wilson could not let American’s become helpless or violent creatures without scruples so he set aside his morals in order to not to become cowardly. For American neutrality, Zimmerman note, Nationalism, Imperialism, and Germany’s use of unrestricted U-boat warfare was too much to bear without a fair fight. …show more content…
Soon the machine gun became a defensive weapon rather than an offensive weapon, as it was used to stop offensive enemy troops across this no man’s land. Gas was used infinitely by both sides in an effort to triumph over the trenches. If any trench was taken by an opposing force, a succeeding trench was dug just meters behind the one taken, making advancements longstanding and difficult. In this process many troops lost their lives, more so than any other war.
U-boats were military submarines used by Germany in the war as a weapon. When the German Chancellor Bethmann Hollweg proclaimed Germany’s purpose to use unrestricted submarine warfare, his one main concern was that it would aggravate an American response – in this he was to be precise. By 1917, the war was not going okay for Germany on the Western Front. Unrestricted submarine warfare was an outcome of anxiety and the belief that the fierceness of such a tactic might just keep America out of the war if the outcomes were remarkable and outrageous enough.
On May 7th 1915, German U-boats, patrolling in the Atlantic Ocean, fired torpedoes at the British ship the Lusitania, sinking her in 20 minutes. On the ship were 128 Americans. President Wilson, demanded that Germany stop attacking passenger ships, and declared that America was too proud to fight. Wilson also tried to mediate a compromise settlement but failed. Wilson also repeatedly warned
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