Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points on the Paris Peace Settlement

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1. Assess the impact of Woodrow Wilson’s fourteen points on the Paris Peace Settlement and determine whether Wilson was successful in his goals.

The Paris of Peace conference was held on January 1919 in Versailles just right outside of Paris. Paris of Peace conference was called to establish reasonable terms to make peace with the countries after World War I. In that conference there was almost thirty nations that were participates. The “Big Four” were there as well, the big four consisted of Great Britain, represented by David Lloyd George, France, represented by George Clemenceau, United States, represented by Woodrow Wilson, and Italy, represented by Vittorio Orlando. David Lloyd George wanted moderate peace he also wants to alienate Germany as a naval threat. Vittorio Orlando wanted the territory was promised by the other countries. George Clemenceau wanted ironclad guarantees against future German military threat and he wanted Germany to pay for all the damages they caused during World War I. Woodrow Wilson wanted peace without Vengeance that were based on his fourteen points. One through five on his points consisted of open covenants, openly arrived at; which means no more secret treaties, freedom of the seas, free trade, and reduction of weapons. Six through thirteen consisted of self-determination of Europeans and point 14 consisted of the League of Nations. Woodrow Wilson was not successful in his goals, but in 1920 the League on Nations was established; after
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