Woodrow Wilson's Reasons to Die a Disappointed Man Essay

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Woodrow Wilson's Reasons to Die a Disappointed Man

It is said that Woodrow Wilson died a disappointed man after presidency where he failed to complete his aims; his last defeat was when America had to decline entry from the League of Nations, which was his last aim even though it contradicted his original aims.

He started his presidency with the aim to keep well out of world affairs; he even went as far as to say

"It would be an irony of fate if my administration had to deal chiefly with foreign affairs"

He had little or no experience of dealing with foreign affairs, and as a democrat it was his aim to not get involved with them. His and his secretary of state William Bryans' few views
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This was one of Wilson's first achievements, and also one that did not fail at a later date. But unfortunately he was criticised by the republicans because of the fact that during his presidency he dealed with foreign affairs more that the republican Dollar Deplomacy had been set up to do, he was mocked with the name 10-cent Deplomacy by the New York Times.

Another achievement could be seen as the treaties Bryan had set up with 30 countries during the years 1913 and 1914. The treaties called for the countries to go to an International Arbitration Panel for discussions about disagreements with other countries, before resorting to war. This could have been a success but when the treaties were put into practise they failed, the time between the disagreement and the declaration of war was too long so the agreement to discuss was ignored and war began. The biggest example of the failure of the treaties to avoid war was World War One.

Wilson's involvement in Mexico could be seen as very successful. In 1913 General Victoriano Huerta, after a revolution, took over Mexico, which at the time was a poor, badly run, violent and corrupt country. The new control of Mexico threatened America's borders; so to gain control of Mexico again Wilson invoked the Roosevelt Corollary. He did not invoke it publicly though because it was a republican and
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