Woodson Chemical Case

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Excellent customer service is a way to set the organization apart from its competitors. Differentiation can be achieved through fast and correct execution of product ordering. To improve on the order process it is important to have the correct information provided in a timely fashion to all divisions. For integration to be successful information must be available throughout the entire supply chain. The main problem is with Woodson Chemical Company is the lack of management and communication across all divisions within the organization creating bottlenecks throughout the operations. There are several sub problems seen throughout the organization at different levels of management and production. There is poor internal communication…show more content…
Improvement would also strengthen the relationships between customers and their suppliers. Information technology would improve the distribution of the production line in North America. There would also be fewer questions in regards to supply providing that there would be stronger relationships between the raw materials suppliers the transportation suppliers. The risks associated with improvements in management in relation to better quality of customer service is that valuable information would have to be disclosed to customers that would be very value to their competitors and potentially lead to other failures for Woodson Chemical. The benefits in regards to North American customers is the service through trusting relationships will allow for less product uncertainty and allow Woodson to have higher order fill rates and faster response times to fill orders. If customer services could be improved under perfect conditions the costs would be lower leading to higher profits. With better customer service there would be higher volumes of sales creating higher profits and improving the revenues across the board for Woodson. All members of management must be able to effectively communicate across all divisions to better serve each other. Management must have a willingness to share information to all of those across the supply chain so that all involved can better predict the materials needed to produce products all the way to shipping the end product to the

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