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Issue Statement
Broadly speaking, WoodSynergy is experiencing an information need and integration problem. It must use IT to enable SCM in order to get the right information in front of the right people at the right time and through the right lens, which requires a centralization of S&D data. Doing so will facilitate WoodSynergy’s interdependent goal of meeting demand with high quality products delivered on-time.
Analysis, Recommendations, Future
The urgent decision to build a gateway without paying adequate attention to information integrity and timeliness is a likely predictor of future disappointments and suboptimal performance at WoodSynergy. An SCM, or any IT system for that matter, is only as good as the information that goes
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In an economically distressed industry, and being a high-quality product provider, WoodSynergy must take advantage of any opportunity it can to save money and increase IT-enabled operational efficiency.
All in all, WoodSynergy needs a framework that enables optimal decision making. The methodology elucidated by Pirasteh1 is a great option here, as it aims to treat the precise ailment that WoodSynergy is experiencing. Fortunately WoodSynergy has taken a few steps towards this already, as it has developed much of the necessary information for Stage 1 of Pirasteh’s framework. The company knows that RDMs are the ones who most immediately need accurate and timely data, that the information is necessary to achieve the previously mentioned goals, and that the information needs to be extremely timely or even real-time. To avoid simply disseminating and summarizing Pirasteh’s whole methodology as applied to this case, WoodSynergy must continue to proceed through the three stages of this framework to arrive at the Management Information Table in order to determine what volume of shipments can or should be made from each source to each market segment, while considering transportation capacity and feasibility logistics.
In sum, there are a few overarching philosophies and trends that WoodSynergy must consider throughout all of its SCM endeavors. It must keep provenance in mind at all times, as this is one of the most

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