Woody Allen's Film Debut With The Quirky, What's Up, Tiger Lily?

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In 1966, Woody Allen made his theatrical film debut with the quirky, What’s Up, Tiger Lily?. Woody Allen was the head writer as well as one of the directors; Senkichi Taniguchi being his partner. The two directors took the Japanese action film “International Secret Police: Key of Keys” and changed the plot to focus on a secret egg salad recipe instead (“What’s Up, Tiger Lily?”). They did this by re-dubbing the dialogue as well as rearranging some of the scenes. Experimental concept of the film alone, Woody Allen managed to already set himself apart from other filmmakers. However, it is in the execution of the concept that Woody Allen was able to establish his unique presence in the world of popular culture. In addition to its humorous and unique concept, the film does not unfold in a logical manner, keeping the viewer on their toes. More or less, the film’s plot is designed as an opportunity for a string of puns, playfully racist jokes, farcical situations and sight gags. Centrally, it follows Phil Moskowitz, who was hired to recover the stolen egg salad recipe (What’s Up, Tiger Lily?). He is a secret agent, working for the Grand Exalted High Majah of Raspur (“a nonexistent but real-sounding country”, according to the movie). The film makes several hard left turns, leaving viewers pleasantly confused. However, it is clear that Woody Allen has done this on purpose. At one point in the film, the action ceases entirely and cuts to a shot of Woody Allen and an interviewer

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